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What is Forex?

Forex or the Foreign Exchange is a global market where the world’s currencies trade.It vastly overshadows the stock market, as forex trading measure up to 5 trillion USD a day. Since the forex market is not based in a central location or exchange it is open to trade 24 hours a day, from Sunday night through to Friday night.

How Do You Trade Forex?

Our forex pairs are available to trade as contracts for difference (CFDs). When trading forex, you speculate on whether the price of one currency will rise or fall against another. For example, if you choose to trade GBP/USD (British pound/US dollar) and you think the value of the GBP will rise against USD, you go long (buy). If you think GBP will fall against USD, you go short (sell). If your prediction is correct, you make a profit. If your prediction is incorrect, you would make a loss. Remember, losses can exceed deposits.

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